Automation of business processes for any construction company (Workflow management suite)


Key features

  • Mobility


    You can use the system in any location on any device with Internet access.

  • Functionality


    All the necessary tools in one system. You do not need anything else.

  • Ease


    Intuitive interface, less than an hour for learning, no instalation.

  • Flexibility

    Flexibility in configuration

    System Settings, which allows users to delegate rights and eliminate unauthorized access to important information.

  • Stability


    System availible 24 hours 7 days a week

  • Clouds

    Public and private clouds support

    Amazon, Azure, Google cloud, Rackspace, Ovirt, Proxmox, etc.

System structure

FreiBaum is a Turn-Key Home Builder Software Solution that contains four subsystems in its base configuration and some extra modules making it so functional and so powerful still remaining so fast, that you will really love it.


You are always aware of what and how much is on your warehouses. Easy bidding and costs management, models and options management, sales pricing, job costs

Construction estimates

The main function of the system - creating an instant quote. A quotation giving the estimated cost for a particular job or service.

Templating function allows you to create a package of project documentation for all types of projects.

To create a project in the system you need just a few clicks. The estimates are available for editing at any time.


Accounting Finance issued. The system automatically calculates the balance of imprest funds.

Technical means

Just enter information about the means of your organization and get information on upcoming maintenance by SMS/e-mail.


  • 1

    Fast preparation and editing of project documentation. Drawing a rough estimate takes only a few minutes.

  • 2

    Mobility and functionality (All your projects, tools and workers, purchasing, approvals and sales automation in one system)

  • 3

    Monitoring of vehicles' status. No loss because of idle equipment without MOT.

  • 4

    Expenditures / returns control. There is no confusion in the accounts.

  • 5

    The data base for your own materials and services, only things that you need: clear and fast.

  • 6

    Intuitive system with scheduling, the full learning of which will take less than an hour.

  • 7

    Support from developers. If you have any difficulties or you need a revision of the system, just email us and we will solve your problems and discuss new opportunities.

  • 8

    Convenient Web-based interface, suitable for any device with Internet access. You are no longer tied to a single workstation, all you need for your work is in our system.

(Moscow, RU) +7 (499) 677-59-03
(Gdansk, PL) +48 (579) 24-51-59
(Newark, US) +1 (302) 455-72-46


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